Fluke Tir Camera-Thanks Dharris

I just ordered a new camera from Nick at Inspector Essentials. $4045.00-should be here in a week. Thanks to Dan Harris for the info on it:p
If you are interested call Nick at 480-967-4545. (there web site has info-but not this price)

Cool Jamie.:slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Don’t forget to check his pricing on any other tools as well, very competive, quick delivery, and great service.

InterNACHI members pay $3,995 only. This is an EXCLUSIVE InterNACHI member price not available to non-members.

Jamie, I can get you the InterNACHI member discount even if you bought it recently. Just email me.

Congrats, Jamie!

Nice camera :slight_smile:


Thanks Nick-email sent!

Kevin-Thanks I sold 2 of the old ones I had and now have 2 good ones. Got to love these price drops.:slight_smile:

WOW!!! NACHI really does ROCK!!!

Always did always will.

I spent about 30 minutes with a great customs Lady today .
Please Note for Canadians who buy an IR Camera in the Usa there are no duties.
You of course can expect our normal Canadian taxes regardless where it is purchased.
If any one wants the Customs tarif Number please send me an email to
Roycooke@sympatico.ca ( Sorry NACHI members only )


That means you can buy a new IR camera for under $4000 and iNACHI training
for $500. I spent $10,000 for my IR camera and training, loss time and travel

Congrats Jamie… nice price drops indeed.

IR is coming in a big way to the HI industry in the next few years.


I’d like the info on the Fluke Tir please - e-mail me at assuranceplus@charter.net please.


Thanks to Mr Harris for his help.

I said that on these boards a couple of years ago-sure would like to see who all has changed their minds. sigh-search function just doesn’t work well for me:)

NIck-Thanks again-fantastic price for a great camera!! You the man.

Did ya get the camera yet Jamie??

What do you think of it? :slight_smile:

Hey Dan, for once I congratulate you for some help.

Don’t it feel good instead of slamming us!!!


I only slam when slammed :twisted: :twisted:

I also know this is a lie, got the answer/truth straight from the horses mouth.:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

:roll: :roll:

Good Luck with you new stuff !!! :smiley:


Yea I know it tis hard to believe, some vender’s will play the bashing, and politics games, and are willing to sell their sole, in hopes/ false dreams by believing that agreeing in exchange, free endorsements and advertising from nick, offering exclusive discounts, free insurance, or other freebies to select inspectors, some just accept the lying / false information provided here about them, or exclusive services they offer, is the only way to beat the competition.

Guess the quote, [Hey it’s about making money, this is America, ] from one of your vender’s that played nicks game, less than 3 years later, that vendor ended up getting bashed by some of the home inspectors he supported, and promoted above other home inspectors, says a lot.

Other vender’s decide to play the game of, not getting involved in the name calling , bashing, and dirty politics played here, and believe offering excellent service, along with competitive pricing ,not only helps them be successful, but also helps all in the profession.


Become the change you wish to see… - Gandhi

Hmmm. Good to hear from one of nickeys elite vender’s that provide instant certifications, with qualifications questioned by members of their own org.
:roll: :roll:
All you have to do is read my posts to see the majority are taken from information provided here first.

3 years to become a CMI does not sound too instant to me… see http://certifiedmasterinspector.org
The Infrared Certification requires quite a bit to get done… see http://infraredcertified.com

Of course all members can question anything InterNACHI, Nick, Me or anyone does. Other Home Inspector associations do not allow this kind of free speech.

LOL… now I am the elite… funny.