Open Window due to....

When I went around back I notice the window open and closed it. 25 degrees and snowing.

The sellers arrived with there agent and the opened the window back up. Heat was set at 80. (Good thing window was open)

When I arrived at the laundry/utility room and got a heavy wiff of CO I was glad the window was open as I was like a dog in a car grasping for air. The vent on the roof was rusted, the vent in the attic was transite and the section at the water heater was a joke.

I asked the sellers agent if the had the window open so they could live.
He said they had it opened due to them smoking. Never saw or smelled a cigarette the entire time I was there.

They called there HVAC guy and you can picture Sanford and Sons truck pulling up. I asked if this guy was repitable. He said he is the one that installed it. I said he should not be the one to fix it.

I still have a headache from the CO.

The entire vent pipe should be replaced in my humble opinion.

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174911 055.jpg

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:-kCO- a colorless odorless, tasteless gas.:-k

I’m glad you made it out OK.

I can’t believe that flue pipe was installed by a professional, most any DIY’er would do better. Micheal has a good point, Carbon Monoxide IS odorless.

Glad you are OK.

I always call out to replace Transite Vent Pipe.

The main reasons being Age, as they can have cracks that are very hard to detect. And Single wall Pipe is no Longer allowed in Attics, nor is it allowed to be butted up against wood framing anymore.

The plumbing doesn’t look too hot either. Do they get much cavitation in the piping? Is it normal is the midwest to have the hot water line have a shut-off?

It’s not normal to have a shut-off on the hot water line anywhere. But the pipes weren’t leaking. I wouldn’t say anything about that.

Having a shut-off on the hot line is an asset when changing out a tank. It keeps water from draining back from all upstairs lines. Notice thay have mechanical unions for the lines.

Some plumbers install a valve on both pipes to avoid draining and refilling when installing a new WH.

At least that’s they said…

For changing the tank every 8-10 years I don’t think so! Here we have one shut off on the cold supply to work on the Hot water tank only.

Only reason for shutoff on hot side would be tandem units.

“Not normal” just means “other than common practice”. Nothing wrong with it, and in fact, is very common in North Central states or wherever Winterizing is utilized.

hot valve is for the lady of the home
gets her point across without words