Opening Protection mounting hardware

I have a client who is giving some kickback on a wind mitigation I did for them. They have panels stored in their garage but there is no permanently attached hardware around glazed openings to receive them.

Im second guessing myself…doesnt there need to be permanently installed hardware around glazed openings to receive credit (assuming the panels are all approved).

Pictures and more details would be helpful in answering your question.

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I’ve never done a wind mit, but I’m stunned that someone is upset that they did not receive a discount for something that is not there.

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There is no attachment hardware installed around any of the windows of the house. Additionally, the panels in the pictures I’ve attached, if they’re made of wood, look as if they don’t follow the fastener guidelines for table 1609 in FBC. I’ve responded to the client to ask what material they are- still waiting for a response.

They (or you) need to provide the Product Approval for those panels. My first thought is that the PA does’t exist.

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Looks like crap plywood to me. As you said, no bolts not ready to deploy.
If there were bolts, holes on walls, etc They’d be rated as
other protective coverings that cannot be identified as A, B or C (code)


I see this a few times a year and tell them it works for “protection but not for discounts because the building code is very specific.”

Research the exception in the FBC and get used to breaking hearts and minds for protection.,Exceptions%3A,-1.

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Pretty much exactly what I say, by the way.