Opening Protection Wind Mitigation

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I’m working on the opening protection section of the wind mitigation form. The owner has lumber used for the shutter system and there’s gaps between the wood. Would this still pass? I don’t see anything in the Table 1609.1.2 of the FBC 2007 that says otherwise:

1.​Wood structural panels with a minimum thickness of 7/16 inch (11.1 mm) and a maximum span of 8 feet (2438 mm) shall be permitted for opening protection in one- and two-story buildings. Panels shall be precut so that they shall be attached to the framing surrounding the opening containing the product with the glazed openings. Panels shall be predrilled as required for the anchorage method and all required hardware shall be provided. Attachment shall be designed to resist the components and cladding loads determined in accordance with the provisions of ASCE 7, with permanent corrosion-resistant attachment hardware provided and anchors permanently installed on the building. Attachment in accordance with Table 1609.1.2, with permanent corrosion resistant attachment hardware provided and anchors permanently installed on the building is permitted for buildings with a mean roof height of 45 feet (13 716 mm) or less where wind speeds do not exceed 140 mph (63 m/s)

Are “wood structural panels” defined in the code, perhaps in the definition section?

I found this…but I am not in FL and I am not very familiar with requirements.


I wouldn’t even rate that as “appears to be” or “cannot be identified”.
That is not a wood structural panel setup. I can see negative pressure getting inside & ripping that junk right off the wall.


Agreed, no homemade fence gate is even close to being a rated device (and a “wood structural panel” isn’t a series of slats nailed to a 2x3)


What these two Pros is posted is “polite”. I would question your Training…
Contact Glenn Stephens or John Shishilla

Thanks Matt.

I’ll make sure to never ask a question again :+1:t3:

Appreciate the helpful advice all.

Except Matt and his unhelpful advice lol

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Dont worry about it. Questions are good for everyone. I’m sure there are others that were either curious about this themselves, or you will help someone else when they come searching in the future.

The forum needs more questions, not less.

Good luck on your career


Thank you Dan.

Hey Michael
I apologize for for sounding critical. My point was that Wind Mits are a big deal and Inspectors should be trained to do them properly. You don’t get that training on a MB, you get it putting the time in, keeping up with your CEs and learning in a structured enviroment with qualifed Instructors. When you go behind an Inspector that did one incorrectly or gave an improper Credit for some knucklehead stuff, it is a rough conversation that invariably ends up with you having to say the First Guy didnt know what he was talking about. These also affect how Insurance companies look at Home Inspectors as a whole. Check out a FABI Conference, they are held multiple times a year throughout the State and offer Wind Mit & 4 Point CEs at the conference

Almost like if you’re not sure you should ask a question before submitting it…

Yep and I think it keeps people from participating on the forum.

In my experience, I have found so much helpful information here that I made a personal decision to be fearless with my questions. If someone is a jerk, it is a reflection on them…not me.

And even when someone is a bit harsh, I try to find the nugget of truth or information I need out of it.

Case in point, Matt came off as harsh but he offered a great resource and he illuminated a concern in your training. If it were me, I would reflect on that.

Best of luck and I hope you continue to contribute. I thought you brought a good question to the MB and many people will learn from it. I am nearly certain this is not the first suspect opening protection configuration people have encountered.


Yes, Michael, there are nuggets all over this forum.

It can be like a minefield where some of the nuggets are turds and some are GOLD nuggets. the best we can do is sidestep the turds and pick up the GOLD nuggets.

The best to you! :+1:


Point Taken. Thank You Brian & Larry. I don’t ever want to be “That Guy”…And once again, I apologize for my tone Michael. I do 40 of these a week and if I can ever be of assitance, please don’t hestiate to reach out to me personally. I will be more professional, I promise


YOU are a big mean poopie pants!


Simple answer is no, it is not rated and does not meet any applicable standard. You could mark it as N, other form of protection not meeting the criteria of A or B or C. It honestly does not matter at that point though, but accurate. What is present isn’t nothing but also does not meet the requirements. Not that we are concerned with discounts, but… only an A rating will provide one. Some insurance companies will only provide a discount for A1 ( like swyfft) even outside of the HVHZ which I find baffling.