Wind Mitigation - Glazed Opening Protection Question

Looking for documentation on improper use of storm panels on swing doors.
Client has storm panels mounted on 2 glazed doors and not on the walls around the doors which denies him glazed opening protection. All other openings have proper protection. Client is pushing back and I’m looking for documentation supporting the improper use of storm panels, specifically on glazed swing doors.

Don’t have time right now but I’ll check back later.
You are absolutely correct! He has protected the glass, NOT the entire" opening".
The worst I see here is you will (or probably have) told him that & have a nice day.
Not your job to provide him “proof” Let him kill himself to find out you are correct.

You are aimed in the wrong direction.
Tell them to supply documentation that the product is listed/rated and carries the required product approvals for the manner and method of installation.

Once they supply the required documentation, you’ll be happy to amend the form.
No rating, no wind mitigation feature.

063-storm-panel-installation-instructions.pdf (735.9 KB)

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