wood panels for opening protection.

On a Wind Mit, if the owner has wood panels that are used for opening protection, do the fasteners need to be permanently installed?

The form refers to Table 1609.1.2 of the 2007 FBC for fastener spacing. If you read that section of the code, not just look at the table, it says that the attachement hardware must be provided and “anchors permanently installed on the building”.

That is the way I have been looking at it but todays’s customer had a previous inspection that gave them the credit. (even though the spacing of the fasteners was not correct and the fasteners were not installed, just holes in the wall)

Just wanted to make sure I am looking at it the same way everyone else is.

Holes in the wall? Without permanent fasteners installed (ready for deployment), it does not comply with FBC. Incorrect spacing of the fasteners would also not comply with FBC. The selection should be N(2).

Thanks Brad,

I felt I was doing it correctly but wanted to get another opinion.

I am not sure so I am asking. Do they get any discount for those? I did not think they did.

I agree with Mike. Wouldn’t it be an unverified means of protection?

And if that is the case why noy mark and move on. What difference would it make how it is installed.