Opinions Please

Hey all, I’m not an inspector yet (soon, very soon) and I’ve been looking more critically at homes in my area. Sometimes I see something and I’m not sure how I’d report it. Here’s a picture I’d welcome opinions on.
It’s line hide for a ductless heat pump (white horizontal and vertical) installed above an exhaust vent for a gas appliance (probably a fireplace)
The line hide isn’t melted but is blackened from the exhaust.
My instinct tells me that it isn’t correct, but dangerous? Maybe, maybe not…
I’m thinking recommend someone check for clearance specs for exhaust vent, but not a material defect… just something to make a note of.
Anyone else want to offer an opinion.

It is hard to tell from the picture. The first thing I would do is check to see what material the line hide is made of. If it is plastic, has it melted? Then check to see if the blackened area is from heat or merely soot from improperly set gas logs in the fireplace.
That is how I would start. The ladder is in a handy place.:smiley:


This is probably a stupid question but I’m confused on what a “line-hide” is and does. So what is and what does a line-hide do? I tried googling it and I’m understanding it.

I’m in Alaska and HVAC systems in residential applications are few and far between.