Tell me what is wrong with this picture

Figure this one out:shock::D:D if you can:(???

Whats that flammable can doing there Charlie.
How many cars you gonna start in the attic?

If it gets cold enough in Markland that hummifier gonna freeze, the little pipe will burst and water goes everywhere…and other places, too.

That flue is cutting through at an interesting place .
Is that Vermiculite? Also do not care for screw holes for the support strap.

You guys are not seeing the big picture I sure hope you do a better job of inspecting houses than you do with pictures;):D:D:D:D I am writing a report will check you later

Flue touching air duct. Air ducts not properly leaked. Not sure what that black thing is, but it is leaking - stain on the wood. Damaged insulation on one of the ducts

No work platform, and is that a ‘can light’ under the insulation in the background?

Do you see a furnace no work platform required and yes there were numerous canister lights buried in insulation but that is not whatI am looking for thanks for trying but no cigar

Clearance to combustibles was noted and I don’t follow your (air ducts not properly leaked) and yes that black thingy was leaking in its past life no longer in use no water connected so no cigar here not what I am looking for.

How about the hazardous material in the green can?

Nope green can is not hazardous it is a empty bug bomb

Better pictures might help some.

Are you just a blind inspector from AZ that is a great pic shows everything you need to see:twisted::wink:

Sorry Bk I am to hard on you so I am going to tell you the only clue you should have and be able to see the problem.The furnace is a upflow installed within a garage closet

I see torn unsuported ducts going into that abandoned humifier. What else is there??

I see a black iron gas line, and I think a furnace flue butted up next to the duct.

I am still lost Charley, elaborate pluuuuuulease. :mrgreen::mrgreen:

Think about it upflow

It not about inspecting what you see its about knowing how a system is suppose to operate and how it is installed. THE BIG PICTURE

Humidifer should be on return not supply

Bingo you win a steak dinner in beautiful down town Hickory Grove SC.