Orange beads (pine resin?) on underside of roof decking.

When inspecting an attic, I came across this strange dark orange beady stuff. I’m thinking maybe it’s a resin of some kind coming from the wood? I’m not exactly sure how to report it. Any ideas?

Nothing to report.
That part of the wood will last longer than the rest.

Yes quite possibly the laminating adheasive, I do not see a concern there other than there appears to be some moisture note the rusty nails on new construction using galvanized shingle nails that rust is surprising.

Looks like pine resin.
Those are planks not plywood right?

Thanks! I was pretty sure that’s what it was, but not sure enough to bet on it.

Yes, they are planks, not plywood.

This a picture of an electric furnace. It works with an exterior heat pump. Notice drain line that goes into crawl space and exits to the exterior. Air filter is on the top and inspection of it is easy because it is exposed.

What does that have to do with this thread?


That is some of the sappiest wood I’ve ever seen!

I assumed ply as there is almost no graining, not used to seeing that here. Looked like spruce ply to me.

I assumed it was planking by the spacing of the seams/gaps and also the rotary marks. It does appear to be pretty nice wood used for a roof though! Most solid wood roof sheathing is rougher.