Orange County, FL, Housing & Community Development requires membership in InterNACHI.

You will need your member ID# found in so that your client can get the down payment assistance.

Can you quote the statute that requires membership in INACHI?

I have done loads of inspections for Down Payment Assistance and I have never been asked for my NACHI #

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Required home inspections for our down payment assistance clients must be done by one of the three nationally recognized organizations - InterNACHI, NAHI, or ASHI. We have received a request from an inspector that is not a member of any national association, but belongs to FABI (Florida Association of Building Inspectors ) “because the cost is about half of the national associations”. Otherwise he considers this association an equal in all respects to the national associations.

Prior to accepting home inspectors that are members of this state association, we would appreciate your opinion as to whether the guidelines for membership are compatible with those of yours and other national associations of home inspectors.

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WHP - “Bill” Pass (Ph: 407-836-5180; Fax 407-836-0979)
Program Manager, Housing Rehabilitation
Orange County Housing & Community Development

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