What is Florida InterNACHI

Nick can you explain what is Florida InterNACHI.

Hey Chip… are you related to Mike Meeker?

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And how long have you been a member? Or Inspector?

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Florida InterNACHI is a state association of home inspectors. www.floridainternachi.org

So is it governed by InterNACHI? Is it connected in any way to InterNACHI? Is any other states using InterNACHI IE ALABAMA InterNACHI, Texas InterNACHI.

No. It is not governed by InterNACHI.
Yes. It is connected to InterNACHI.

Is any other states using InterNACHI IE ALABAMA InterNACHI, Texas InterNACHI.

Sorry…someone was going to say it, it might as well be me . And I am far kinder than some.
FLnachi from what I understand will be an organization for NACHI inspectors to get Florida specific training and education. We have a lot of things in this state that others may not deal with. 4point inspections ( and who can sign them ), the wind mitigation mess thats going been going on for several years ( and who can sign them ), hurricanes and what ever else insurance companies in FL decide what they want inspected.
A statewide presence could be a very good thing for all of us. Added credibility with the state and Insurance industry just to name 2.
With FLnachi eventually providing all types of FL related Education to its members all FLnachi inspectors will be able to provide a consistent service with all members reporting in a consistent manner.
This is just getting off the ground so be patient…and join.


Yes, there are other state associations. See www.njnachi.com or www.winachi.org or http://nm.nachi.org/newmexico/ or http://nh.nachi.org/newhampshire/ or http://ab.nachi.org/albertanachi/ for examples. And some have their own state logos such as http://www.nachi.org/nc-internachi-logos.htm or www.floridainternachi.org

Ed thank you and no amends needed. I knew what FlaNachi is about there is a under current here another thread with Nick.