Orange Tape on White

I’m not strong on electrical so take it easy on me, :smile: I found a neutral conductor with orange tape. Red and black split into two “hots” into separate tandem breakers, one ground to the ground buss, and the single neutral to the neutral buss. In my thinking, this is a shared neutral and ground for the two circuits. Am I right (are these shared) and more importantly, is it correct? Is the tape a way to identify that more than one circuit is served?

You have two single pole breakers, not tandems. It should have a handle tie or be a 2 pole breaker.

The tape may just be to repair a slit in the insulation.

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Thanks Jim, I overthink things sometimes and the only thing I could find for orange applied to three-phase, and I know I wasn’t looking at that.

It looks like they identified the neutral from a MWBC with orange tape.

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The overspray in the panel is more of an issue!:joy:

Exactly the answer I was looking for, thank you to all. This has helped me expand my little brain a little bit more.