Pushmatic breaker panel

One of the first panels I’ve looked at on my personal home and wanted to get some opinions on it. The white wire running to the breaker should be marked with black tape? all the double and triple lugging? It looks like the neutral and ground bus bar are all one bus? The large bare silver stranded wire, is that the neutral if so why doesn’t it have white insulation? There’s a double tapped hot on the bottom left breaker as well. Also I saw no writing on the service entrance black conductors but the main disconnect breaker says 100 amp and the meter says 200. What size of current carrying wires would you say those are. All for studying purposes, thanks

The neutral is bare because it’s likely SE cable. If this is a service the EGC’s and neutrals can terminate on the same bus. Main says 100 amps and conductors look like 100 amps so it’s a 100 amp service. White re-identification is required but depending on how old this panel is it might not have been required at the time of installation. A circle around the conductor with a Sharpie or one turn of colored tape will do.

You got it. Just forget what the meter says. That’s on the POCO.

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Are you familiar with Pushmatic breakers.
I’ll put up some info if you want it. :sunglasses:

Thanks for the info, why do some panels have a separate bus for neutrals and separate bus for ground and then a panel like this its just one bus bar?

Hey thanks yeah that would be great if you could

If it’s the service the EGC and neutral buses can be the same, if it not the service because it’s a sub-panel then the EGC’s and neutral buses must be separate. If it’s a sub-panel with only one bus then the neutral current will return on the EGC feeding the panel which is hazardous.