orangeburg waste pipe

don’t believe this has been discussed on here before:
Looks similar to cast iron and is a real problem…

Bruce: orangeburg has a terrible rep in my area very notorious for clapsing in clay base soil. A million miles installed and had a short life expectancy in this area. Mention orangeburg and it wants to make me run backwards.

The orangeburg waste for our house lasted 49 years before collapse. Had to replace about 20 feet. The other 150 feet is buried under a large concrete patio, two fences, a driveway and a sidewalk before it gets to the sewer. Still going strong after 53 years. Don’t really look forward to running the replacement liner when it goes out. Sure don’t want to dig up the neighbors patio, driveway and sidewalk. Ain’t easements great. :shock:

Some pretty cool outhouses from that site:

Now here’s something you don’t see everyday:

Anyone have a canned statement they use for Orangeburg?