Other Master Inspectors

The American Institute of Inspectors has a designation that their members are using. Master Home Inspector.

A few guys in my area are using this on their websites. You good with this Nick?

No. Email their web address to me at fastreply@nachi.org and our attorney will send them a letter.


Wow, there’s one in my backyard, and he’s an InterNACHI member

Also a HIPpie.:mrgreen:

One in my area is an InterNachi member too… I wonder what Nick will do. :wink:

Just checked my competitors websites as well as Frank’s after notifying Nick two weeks ago… nothing’s changed. They still advertise themselves as Master Inspectors.

Nick’s attorney needs to be replaced…

Two weeks? Two weeks wouldn’t even make it to the bottom of our Legal Department’s To-Do box. You don’t see all the infringement cases they resolve. It’s a constant job like painting the Golden Gate Bridge and it never ends. And intellectual property infringement is just one of many ongoing projects they have going on.

I used to just get the party to become an actual CMI legitimately, but members would lose their minds when I did, so I stopped.

Can’t imagine he’ll be around too long. He still uses AOL! :shock:

When the hammer finally falls, you will see results.

Master Certified Inspector… that is a twist of words …

Constant battle that never ends. They should just become Certified Master Inspectors if that’s what they want.