A local CMI wants to join our chapter but there’s an issue with his credentials. The state of Nevada is regulated and doesn’t recognize InterNACHI or any other CMI title unless you qualify for their standards. He doesn’t have the title of master inspector in our state or hasn’t passed any of the requirements for the state. The inspector has his InterNACHI CMI credentials posted on his website which I feel is misleading and an ethics issue. What are everyones thoughts on this?

There is no such credential as an “InterNACHI CMI credential.” It doesn’t exist. “Certified Master Inspector” is a professional designation administered by the Master Inspector Certification Board, not InterNACHI.

Certified Master Inspector (CMI) is a Federal certification mark and internationally trademarked. No state agency can take that away from someone who has earned it and he is legally free to post his CMI logo on his website. It is not misleading or an ethics issue.

A CMI ??? OMG !!! Say it isn’t so !!! :p:p:p

If he is a CMI, saying so isn’t misleading, so being a CMI isn’t a reason to prohibit him from joining your chapter IMHO.

You could keep him out if he isn’t an InterNACHI member if you wanted to. Is he also an InterNACHI member?

So, if I am reading this correctly, one cannot be a member of InterNachi if you don’t abide by the States regulations…

Buy you can still be a CMI ??? :shock:

Oh, this just keeps getting better and better!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

You are wrong Jeff.

I am very familiar with Nevada’s regulations. Nevada approves many of InterNACHI’s free, online inspection courses: http://www.nachi.org/nevadaapprovesinternachi.htm

The state of Nevada does not demand that Certified Master Inspectors earn the NV master inspector license. No such requirement.

The MICB doesn’t require it either.

A regular home inspection license is enough.

The state doesn’t recognize him as a master inspector. The state law is quite clear on what our titles are. There is a residential, general, and master title here. All of which is regulated by the state of Nevada. All inspectors know this in Nevada. To have the title of Master in Nevada, you must have 50 documented commercial inspections and 50 residential. Then you still have to take the required testing.

I guess we need clearification on this statement from Gordy then, as to what qualifications the CMI doesn’t have.

Gordy, does this CMI meet any of these requirements? Is he working legally?

You can check anyones license here by going to the Nevada real-estate division website. To the right one of the options is “look up license”. All residential inspectors have RES on the end of their license. All Masters are labeled MAS at the end. I’m not making this up, by all means look for yourselves.

Does he have a home inspectors (RES) license Gordy?

In the state of Nevada, he is recognized as a “residential” inspector only. I’ve looked at the regulations for the state and you “CAN’T” claim to have a title you haven’t cleared with the state. There are fines imposed for these actions. I’m not the inspection police but I also don’t want anyone openly breaking the states laws.

The state of Nevada does not require licensed inspectors to get an MAS license.
The state of Nevada does not require CMIs to get an MAS license.
The MICB doesn’t require Nevada CMIs to get an MAS license.

In other words, there is no such requirement.

Fine. The State of Nevada nor the MICB requires anything else. Nevada only requires that you be one or the other. You don’t have to be both… and actually, I don’t think you can be both. You can be one or the other. As I recall, they are different levels of the same license, and he’s licensed.

Residential inspectors are only allowed to inspect any structure up to 10,000 square feet. This also includes multi family dweling not to exceed 4 units. General and Master Inspectors can go over those restrictions as long as they have the correct title.

Well that’s a totally different issue. What makes you think he is inspecting structures bigger than 10,000 square feet?

This may help out. NAC 645D.210
NAC 645D.220
NAC 645D.230

I don’t see a problem. Under the Lanham Act, Nevada has to honor Federal Certification Marks such as Certified Master Inspector. He is both a Certified Master Inspector and a state licensed inspector. He’s not claiming to have the MAS level license nor is he required to have it.

He’s fine.

Thats not the point. He is claiming to be something he’s not. The state doesn’t recognize him as a CMI. He hasn’t passed the states requirement to give him the title of Master. (NAC 645D.230)