Ouch... Aaaahhhh Eeekkk. Shhhiiii---

The inspection started off fine. Arrived 1/2 hour early. 3984 st ft log home, bank repo, plus detached 3 car garage with full rooms above, plus separate well house, plus separate barn. Of course the weeds have overtaken the yard, cherry orchard and the rest of the 10 acres.

Did a walk around the buildings waiting for the client to arrive. Went into the well house for a cursory look. Nice equipment in great condition. Turned around and left, closing the door firmly behind me and I headed around the corner to look at the barn.

Then it happened. At first I thought it was a bird. Then it hit me right in the temple. I swatted at whatever it was. Then the burning set in. Damn yellow jacket. No… the biggest friggin yellow jacket I had ever seen. It was the size of a quarter and it was coming back for dessert… and it was bringing friends. It didn’t help that I was wearing my new bright red polo shirt. I swatted at the buzzing figures a few times as I started to jog…then sprint away… with the now dessert starved swarm of little ba$tards in quick pursuit.

My sprint would normally have left Usain Bolt in the dust if it were in a straight line and not for the jerky flapping of my arms trying to beat away the now growing horde of vermin intent on inflicting additional pain. About that time, the Realtor drives up and thinks I am waving at him… at least until I dashed past his still moving vehicle.

Either the vehicle or the fact that I had now run about 200 feet still flaying wildly about, somehow disrupted the group and they headed back to the hive. Luckily I had a spray bottle of benadryl that shortly took away the sting of the bite, but not the damage to the ego.

Everything else went off without a hitch. Since the place was only 15 minutes from my house, I returned to the scene of the crime this evening. No activity seen. Ha. They are sleeping. Two cans of foaming wasp / hornet spray later and chanting “Die you little ba$tards”, I walked away with a smile.

Just thought I would share. Be careful out there. I always suggest that you keep an antihistamine spray in your bag, one in the trunk and one at home. It is well worth it. I keep mine right next to the new cans of wasp / hornet spray. :oops:

Glad to hear you faired better than the Hornets! I had a similar experience as a youngster…I was not so lucky, I was stung repeatedly on my back.

Can you picture Stephen sneaking around the house on his tip toes, at night, with his can of foaming wasp spray, and a giant grin of revenge on his face? I can :smiley:

Thanks Steve, this is a good reminder to update my first aid kit in the truck.

What, no pictures???

Same thing happened to me yesterday, except with wasps. Isn’t that faom AWSOME? Once it hits them, they can’t move and they DIE!!! After being stung once last year on the top of the ear durring an inspection where a college girl laughed her *** off at my big *** ear…I have a renewed hatred for wasps and kill 'em every chance I get. Glad you’re ok.

One like this got after me the other day…


I had a similar experience when I was 10 or so. I received 100 + stings and now am immune, as far as I can tell having been stung many times since by a variety of insects. I feel fortunate.

Glad your good…:slight_smile:

Ok we’ve got a great commercial and personal testimonial for wasp spray foam. Only no brand name. What is this stuff? I want to get a can to keep in the car.

I carry with me on inspections a Brand called “Enforcer” Wasp & Yellow Jacket Foam - You can pick it up at Home Depot or Lowes, I haven’t seen it at Walmarts… In the summer of 2005, I was inspecting a Farm property as well and I came across a snake (not sure what it was), it was surprised and I was surprised, it looked at me funny (its blind I know, but this smile came across his head, I swear) and not thinking about it I sprayed it with the Wasp foam, it did not care for that and took off, it look like a snake that was rabid…

REO inspection last week. Ran into 18 wasps. How do I know there were 18, you ask?

They were dead.
8 in one bedroom, 6 in another and 4 in the third.

I was not too exctied about opening up the attic hatch. :slight_smile:


Woke up this morning. Wife starts to laugh. Seems there was a delayed reaction. My eye looks like I went a couple rounds with Sugar Ray. No discoloration, and I can see out of it, but it is swollen all around the side where the little ba$tard got me as well as underneath the eye.

So now I get to watch the Tour De France with one eye and a bag of peas on the other eye.

Nice way to start my wedding anniversary. The wife laughing at me and a swollen eye. :roll:

Least she didn’t give you the swollen eye.

That would be a really bad anniversary. :twisted:

Have a happy one! :mrgreen:

This story brings back bad memories of one of my first inspections.

Fortunately I was alone at the inspection. :wink:

If anyone had been watching with an available camera , it would have made to youtube.

And yes I went out and bought wasp/bee killer after that one.


And find something like that…

7/20 was my Anniversary and I got stung 9 times,(10 if you count the anniversary). The wasp’s left the biggest holes i have ever gotten from a bee sting before and they also bled. Tis the season! P.S. I just got off of the phone with my sister and her husband got bitten by a Brown Recluse last Friday, he may lose his foot, it is in real bad shape. Be careful, fellows.

Im am keeping a can with me now… I have never been stung on an inspection yet, but I once saw a barn which had been infested so bad, that you could see the droppings on the ground.

I want to see the video. :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen: