What A Day

So I had an out of state investor call me the other day for an inspection, the landlord who is selling the property was suppose to meet me there to open up the doors to the 4 family flat. The guy shows up late and drunk. There were so many safety issues like the electric meter was busted open and wires were live and exposed. The man put brand new shingles on a roof that was obviously in need of replacement, the rafter collar ties were saturated and severely bowing like most of the structure, no fronts on the breaker boxes, someone cut out parts of the floor joists, furnace and water heater flues sloped down. Basement had standing water in areas, clean out plugs were missing, foundation had large cracks through the bricks, outlets had no covers, and some units had boarded windows. PEOPLE WERE LIVING IN THE APARTMENTS WITH SMALL CHILDREN. He was trying to sell the place for $279k. One lady didn’t open her apartment and he opened her apartment up after banging all around her unit to open the door for the inspector. We go in and the lady and her boyfriend start fighting with the landlord, he tries to change the locks on them, the cops were called and I end up a witness. I call my client and told him what just happen and he gave me an extra $200 bucks. I called the city to report the conditions and they told me that the code inspector left last week and wrote multiple violations, and the guy is due in court next week.

not one part of that sounded fun…

Always exciting in the world of HI!!!

Astonishing, it starts out pretty bad, and continuously goes down hill. If we watch new episodes of COPS maybe we can see your TV debut now…

Tell me about it, it also made me late for my next appointment. I had everything scheduled perfectly, Get there at 9am leave by 12:00pm get to my next appointment by 1:00pm & get started on the outside before the big storm we were gonna have. Neither of those things happened

Is your middle name “Murphey”? Because that is perfection in dispalaying murpheys law. what can go wrong, will go wrong…LOL.

Best of luck you can only have it get better from there.

Sounds like TNB in Detroilet.:roll: