Our New Champion

We just added a Heidelberg champion bloodline german shepherd as our new sire of all our future puppies. His name is Cory and he is really gentle… as long as he likes you… :slight_smile:



Hello Cory…good boy.

That is a good looking dog!!

great looking dog John

Wonderful dogs, great companions, smart, the list goes on.

awesome looking dog…

Darn nice dog John, I saw one similar to him today.

Cory is still a puppy (10 months old).


Is he a New England Democrat…what’s up with the long face? :wink: Just kidding, great looking dog! :smiley:

How much do you get for your pups John? Or his?:wink:


Nothing like a beautiful German Shepherd. I’ve seen your GS puppy website. Hope to get another one some day soon.

“Shelby” Inspection Dog rescued from SC cost $ 150.

A trained mold, narcotic or search and rescue dog is worth thousands of dollars. Very much in demand. Not to mention security and seeing eye dogs.


****Did you know that German Shepherd breed were originally developed as a herding dog, but have now become the world’s top police and military dog, search and rescue dog, seeing eye dog, and bomb and narcotics detection dog?

The original German Shepherd were bred for livestock herders in order to help guide the herd, but to also have the ability to kill an entire pack of coyotes with a single dog. That is not an exaggeration. Their bite is the strongest in the world, second only to the Rottweiler. Their bark has been recorded in the guinness book of world records as the loudest.

Good looking pup.

There are many that need good homes…


or here

great pic john.