If you where to inspect outbuildings would you say anything about this newly constructed building? Beside checking with the local jurisdiction pertaining to permits (none pulled)

Outbuilding built by listing agent whom is also a Civil Engineer.

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Around my neck of the woods the only relevant comments would be local building code related.
For example: property line set backs, in my localality you are not allowed to install electric in a utility shed ( they don’t want people to live in it). size requirements, color, etc.
Other than that you can build a POS and nobody cares. A general comment like “The shed was built without obtaining appropriate building permits. This means the shed may not be in compliance with local building statues. The construction of the utility shed itself has been done by someone using poor craftsmanship and inappropriate materials[OSB as a siding]. This may lead to a limited useful life.”

Most municipalities would not require a permit for an accessory building less than 200 sf. That’s in Chapter 1 of the IRC. I don’t see any big issue for a lawnmower storage area.

The foundation looked suspect to me as most are on a concrete pad, crushed gravel base. This one is on a non level surface and the post connections seemed suspect to me.


Provided the floor structure is conventionally framed, if you can put a low deck on 4x4s, I don’t see why not this outbuilding. If that outer band is supporting the joists, then that would be a problem—they should be bolted to the posts in my opinion.

Understood, but when they drive there John Deere inside and the building folds & collapses I will direct them to this thread;-)