I have a small ranch inspection coming up as a pre-sale. The house with attached garage is no problem. They also have a seperate barn and garage/shop with power and water. I have already informed them that those buildings are not included in the inspection BUT, as a matter of caution, should I at least check the 2 sub-panels for any problems? What about outlets? Water is no problem…only hose bibs.

Your thoughts are welcome.


Jut how long will it take to make sure they are safe for your clients? I inspect all out buildings. Garages, sheds, barns, bomb shelters, anything with power going to it. Imagine waking up to a news story were a barn burnt down on a property that you were at last week. You can of course charge for that. For me, I am there, it takes a few more minutes, I just get it done. :wink:

If you can properly inspect a good sized barn or any out building in “a few more minutes” you are a better inspector than I am.

I no longer write up concerns with outbuildings, unless specifically requested to inspect them when the inspection is booked. However, if there is an outbuilding and clients ask me to take a look at the outbuilding upon completion of the house, I will take a look but I tell them there will be an additional cost. However I will do a walk through with no report at no cost.

Some Outbuildings take longer to inspect than the home.

Larry, I was simply responding to your “thoughts” request. No offense intended. I was stating that I consider it a duty to inspect places were my clients may find themsleves. Charging them for it is a personal business decision. Typically I do not. The time frame of inspection is entirley dependent on size, lawn mower sheds vs 3 story chicken barns. :wink:

I do not inspect outbuildings.

If my client agrees to pay me to inspect an outbuilding, I’ll include this in my inspection of the property.

Small sheds are a different story. If my client asks me to inspect a shed (out back), Sure…I’ll gladly inspect any small shed without charging the additional fee.

Size does make a big difference.

Per my contact and website: “Detached structures inspected per request at additional $.08 per sq. ft.”

I won’t even glance at them if they aren’t willing to pay. Why should I work for free? I’m there to provide a service, for a fee. If they aren’t willing to pay for my services and their property burns down, it certainly isn’t my fault.