Outdoor island sink with no P-trap

Does an outdoor island sink require a p-trap?

Yes! Always.

Where does it drain to?

It don’t if not connected to a Sewer System.

I’d be concerned with the downsize of pipe diameter.

What do you expect from Harry? He used what he had, and it’s only to empty beer cans anyways. :mrgreen:

Exactly what I was going to ask. Must only use for some light washing based upon size of drain pipe.

I don’t know where it goes, possibly to surface deck drain pipe which may go to curb. I’m not going to make an issue with this item. The answers are not conclusive and it flows quite freely. Thanks for all the valuable input.

Only one hose tied to the faucet, I am sure they improvised on a lot of things.

Then why ask?

Anyway you look at it it’s incorrect .