BBQ Yum Yum

Not sure about the drain piping though.

Where does it go?:stuck_out_tongue:

An outdoors barbecue set up I don’t care where it goes. But I would like to see a P-trap.

I told you once already there is no demand for a blind inspector. You did not see that P-trap its underground???:p;-)

Hahahhahahah why did I not think of that?

I think is was connected to the sewer, but not positive. I ran it a long time and could not find an outlet.

I see 2 sink supply lines for H/C but supplied from one line? Can’t tell if there’s a shut off or not. WTF

Thirsty desert. :mrgreen:

What good is a P-trap if it goes to a hole in the ground? It’s only grey water going down the drain. It’s not like someone is taking a “dump” and flushing it!