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I was helping a friend last week with a rental house he just bought when I got there I found the NEW main panel mounted on the north wall outside I’m not sure about code but it looks like a really bad idea. it was raining and standing in the mud I didn’t want to touch any breakers let alone the box. I will get a pic. next time I’m there. but with the main panel door open the rain hits all the breakers. He said that a professional electrician did the work. any ideas?


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If the panel is a NEMA 3R or in other words raintight, it is allowed.

In my area outdoor panels on buildings are almost unseen, I do not like standing in the rain to work on a panel either.

Other parts of the country outdoor panels are the standard way of wiring houses.

It is only raintight with the cover closed, most raintight panels have a cover that hinges up wards to make a "roof" over the exposed breakers, but some do hinge sideways and leave the breakers exposed to the weather.

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