Weather Tight Enclosure

Or so they say. . .

It’s been raining the last couple of days.

Hi To all,

Great pictures Jeff, especially the 2nd one, but are you allowed to inspect those panels? it’s neither an FPE or a Zinsco :stuck_out_tongue:



What do you live in “electrical defect heaven”?
Those pics are very good, and I think make a great discussion tool.

It has a “drip loop” in the panel–nice.

Jae, I don’t know why you waste your time doing home inspections when it is obvious you could make a living doing standup comedy:mrgreen:

Did it have a 3R cover on it?

What’s a 3R cover, Greg?

NEMA type 3R. A standard outdoor cover and cabinet.

This is the list of descriptions

I didn’t notice whether it was marked as a 3R, but it did say suitable for outdoor use (or something to that affect). It was a pretty standard top-hinge cover and an interior dead front cover.

The 3R designatation says it provides a degree of protection, not that it is totally waterproof. How hard did it rain? or was that sprayed on by the sprinklers or something?
3R cabinets are not always going to stop a direct spray or wind driven rain. This is where the HI detective hat has to come out. How did that water get in there?

See the National Electrical Code Article 430, Table 430.91 for Motor Controller Enclosure Selection

It did rain pretty hard. I did look for points of entry but nothing was obvious. The cabinet seemed to be relatively well sealed.