Outlets over boiler baseboard?

Can outlets be located over the baseboard of a boiler system?


I know for electric baseboards , but was not sure with boiler - thanks

NEVER over electric.

OK over hot water hydronic systems.

I see outlets located over electric baseboards all the time. It’s not the outlet that’s the problem, it’s what is plugged into it and dangling leads that creates a fire hazard. I advise them not to be used or relocated. Never hang drapes near them either…

Check the installation instructions.

I hope you are calling them out as a safety hazard.

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Of course.

It is kinda interesting (well to a nerd like me I guess) to look at how this evolves within a national standard like the NEC. For example, the reference to the receptacle being installed above a permanent electric baseboard heater is expressed as an informational note (not enforceable by itself) under 210.52, 424.9 but as a direct code statement in 550.13(F)(3)…which I personally believe should be stated exactly the same in 210.52 and 424.9 instead of an informational note…BUT it gets the job done.

What is ironic about it is this, if, by chance the manufacturer did not make a statement about the location of a receptacle within their instructions then it would not be a violation to place the receptacle above the permanent electric baseboard heater except where it is a little clearer in 550.13(F)(3)…

However, I believe all of the manufacturers do make the statement but I just found it interesting. It does show how each Code Making Panel looks at things differently when receiving and acting on public inputs during code development.

I am reflecting on that since I am sitting down here in Hilton Head, SC at the Code Making Panel (CMP) meeting. I am looking forward to being on CMP 17 in April as a member versus a manufacturer related observer…:wink:

Oh those code geeks always messing with common sense :wink:

lol…as I look to the left…then right…then realize he’s talking about ME!

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Nice place for a meeting, I vacationed there in the summer. Try Hudson’s fish restaurant. What does the code state, I know I could look it up but that sounds like work?

Ok…here is what the informational notes say :

Informational Note: Listed baseboard heaters include instructions
that may not permit their installation below receptacle outlets.

Here is what it says in 550;
(F) Receptacle Outlets Not Permitted. Receptacle outlets
shall not be permitted in the following locations:
(1) Receptacle outlets shall not be installed within or directly
over a bathtub or shower space.
(2) A receptacle shall not be installed in a face-up position
in any countertop.
(3) Receptacle outlets shall not be installed above electric
baseboard heaters, unless provided for in the listing or
manufacturer’s instructions.

Yes sir. :smiley:

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It says receptacles shall not be installed over the baseboards. What if you installed the heater after the receptacle? The receptacle was preexisting so it is not being installed. Problems solved.


You’re not serious, right?

You word twister…lol

it is my belief that even after the inspection the licensed electrical contractor ( based on his oath of superior knowledge…lol) shall not place a product in direct confliction with the minimum safety standards.

The manufacturers information will say to not install the electric baseboard heater under a receptacle…so you follow their directions…stop stirring up mud fella…:shock:

Actually the charging language helps to limit that notion in my opinion. It says :"(F) Receptacle Outlets Not Permitted. Receptacle outlets
shall not be permitted in the following locations:"…but thats why I say the language in 550 should be in 210 and 424…but no public inputs exist…

If the BBH is placed after the receptacle outlet is installed then you would be placing the BBH in that expressed prohibited location as directed by the manufacturers instructions.