Outlet mounted to heater

Incorrect installation? Unapproved surface? How would you write it up?

GORD 026.jpg

There’s one I’ve never heard before. Very creative.
I’m not sure there is such a thing as an “unapproved surface”.

If that is a furnace as I think it is I see nothing wrong with it in theory.
The NM cable should have been sleeved in conduit or AC cable used. Also, if this is in an unfinised basement a single receptacle should have been used, or a GFI. Even a single receptacle would not be technically code legal but is widely accepted since a GFI trip could cause water damage if this is for a condensate pump, which is what these receptacles are typically used for.

The RX should be secured within a foot of the box too.

Thanks to all, I found some info backing up about the support and the installation of rigid conduit… Thanks Again!

I am curious as to what source you found for the means of support for the box, and the “rigid”?

The NEC does not disaprove of this type of installation. Art 314 mentions the box needs to be securely fastened.
The NM cable can be installed, as long as the provisions of Art 334 are followed.