Outlet Under Sink

Hey can you guys tell me if this is properly installed under the sink.
It is for the garbage disposal, usually we see them mounted on the back side never below the plumbing with no GFCI.



Troy my first concern is that the recepticale is face up.
Whats the black box?
is that a single or a duplex underneath?
I always call out lack of GFCI under the sink by the way.

"422.16(B) Specific Appliances.

(1) Electrically Operated Kitchen Waste Disposers. Electrically operated kitchen waste disposers shall be permitted to be cord-and-plug-connected with a flexible cord identified as suitable for the purpose in the installation instructions of the appliance manufacturer, where **all **of the following conditions are met:

(1) The flexible cord shall be terminated with a grounding-type attachment plug.

Exception: A listed kitchen waste disposer distinctly marked to identify it as protected by a system of double insulation, or its equivalent, shall not be required to be terminated with a grounding-type attachment plug.

(2) The length of the cord shall not be less than 450 mm (18 in.) and not over 900 mm (36 in.).

(3) Receptacles shall be located to avoid physical damage to the flexible cord.

(4) The receptacle shall be accessible."

**DEFECT PER 3. :mrgreen: **

I have no clue, but it looks like it is attached to some kind of pump if you look closely. I have put a call into the builder to ask him what it was, thoughts

Joe , with out the code , and you and me talking.
GFCI needed yes or no
recepticle facing up yes or no

wow I missed that.
Shoulds have read better.
Still think recepticale is a problem , with that junction box facing up.
Water can enter easily

Without the code, can it be mounted up and w/out the GFCI?

I say it is within 6 feet of water.
Why would that be an exception , with all the sink leaks.

When the receptacles are facing up on kitchen counters, in a bathroom counter, or at a wet bar counter they are not allowed to face up, in the picture here this is not covered by the safety standard, and GFCI is not required, but may be added if desired.

I don’t like to see the sharp edge of the plate this way because it presents a hazard when flesh is cut by it.

I saw a person get his arn cut bad when the metal plate was of this type.

The tall guy in the orange shirt should be around soon and will tell us of his experiences in the Chicago places he has inspected, we had lots of discussions in the past, search the archives for the piles of discussions.

Thanks Guys :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Thanks Joe
Thats why we do not operate under code, but under common sense.
Code is our guide.


As has been mentioned, this receptacle can be mounted in this fashion.

The real issue is box fill. The box shown is not listed for the number of conductors with a device in the box as well.

Air switch for the disposal

Thanks Brian thats what the builder said

Of course they do show a wall outlet.
Never saw one in use, but looks like a good idea.
From the spec sheet it appears to go in the spray wand hole.
Is that where the button was?

I might as well chime in too… barely legal, but extremely dumb install.

Air switch for the disposal? That’s new one on me. However, it just points out what a great educator this BBS can be. I definitely learn something new almost every time I visit. Thanks