Plug in garbage disposal question

Just had a realtor we work with often call and ask about an item tha cam up on her listing. The buyers inspector recommended the garbage disposal be hard wired in and apparently the buyers are alarmed about this.This looks like a standard installation to me. Is there any code or references you know of that might be beneficial to provide her with? Thank you.

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Cord and plug is the the most common method of connection. Since the manufacturer offers the badger with a factory corded option, I’m sure it’s fine to install that way.

I would put the onus on the other inspector to substantiate his recommendation via ether a code reference or manufacturer installation that prohibits cord and plug attachment.

Typically number 8 would apply:

LOL. Time to update that article

As of the 2014 NEC, if it’s cord and plug connected it’s required to be AFCI protected (assuming it’s in a kitchen). If it’s also within 6 feet of a sink (I can’t recall ever seeing one that wasn’t) it needs to be GFCI protected also.

The rules have been relaxed under the 2017 NEC.

There should be no issue with the cord and plug connection. I can’t think what the one inspector was thinking of.

Please expound.

There has been some question as to whether or not GFCI protection was required under the 2014 NEC because the receptacle was under the sink. The 2017 NEC added new wording to clarify how the 6’ dimension is measured. Since there typically is a door on the cabinet GFCI protection is not required.

Some earlier editions on the NEC didn’t require GFCI protect for receptacles that didn’t serve the counter top in kitchens even if less than 6’ from the sink.

2017 NEC:

The only I see that could be a problem is if someone used a 16 or 18 awg wire instead of the correct cord which should be 14 awg. I have seen people just cut the end of an extension cord and use that. The cord in the photo looks small. Usually a disposal cord is flat.

Thanks Robert good info

Look for a 2020 NEC Proposal to exclude cabinet doors from that language in 210.8. So the potentially proposed language in 2020 will be that you do not penetrate doors…in regards to the measurement except for cabinet doors…to which will bring back (if it passes) the GFCI requirement on the receptacle under the sink if within 6’ from the top inside edge.

So this one will be debated…I will be there (not on that panel however) and awaiting the fun starting in January 2018

Looking forward to the progression of this thread.

I think garbage disposal is needed tool

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Sic 'em, Marc! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nothing wrong.

But it reminds me of when I see in other reports of things that just aren’t true. I’ve gotten more than one panicked calls from people because their inspector said they had to have a smoke detector in the garage or kitchen, and there simply is no rule, regulation or standard that says this.

I was once sitting on panel of inspectors to an investor group, and one of the other inspectors went off on a tangent about how cooking with a microwave oven isn’t safe and they shouldn’t be installed. Uh, ok, whatever…

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