Outlets above electric baseboard heaters

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Do you call out electric outlets located directly above electric baseboard heaters? I thought the NEC disallowed this. If you do, what do you recommend besides a qualified electrician evaluating and repairing? Is the accepted fix to remove or reloate the outlet or baseboard heater?


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As relocating the baseboard heater beneath a window would normally be impractical, the simplest fix for your photo would be to remove the outlet, "tie" off the conductors and install a blank cover plate. Obviously, if they absolutely needed an outlet in that area then it would require more work. It doesn't need evaluating but it does need repair. I can smell the insulation melting on the fixture cord from here.

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A fine print note following 210.52 says:

FPN:Listed baseboard heaters include instructions that may not permit their installation below receptacle outlets.

If we look at the UL "white book" we find this about electric baseboad heaters.

Electrical cords, drapes, and other furnishings should be kept away from baseboard heaters. To reduce the likelihood of cords contacting the heater, the heater is not to be located beneath electrical receptacles. Listings of receptacle accessories for use with an individual manufacturer??s baseboard heaters are included under the category ?? Baseboard Heater Accessories? (KLQZ).

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