Outlets and Reptacles Defined

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An OUTLET is a point on the wiring system at which current is taken to
supply utilization equipment.

Outlet is frequently misused. Common examples of outlets include
lighting outlets, receptacle outlets, and smoke alarm outlets.

A RECEPTACLE is a contact device installed at the outlet for the
connection of an attachment plug. A common example is multiple (or
duplex) wall receptacle.

A DEVICE is unit of an electrical system that carries or controls
electric energy as its principal function.

Components that distribute or control but do not consume electrical
energy are considered devices. Common examples of devices are
switches, circuit breakers, fuseholders, receptacles, attachment
plugs, and lampholders. Devices that consume incidental amounts of
electrical energy in the performance of carrying or controlling
electricity are also considered devices. Some examples of these
components include a switch with an internal pilot light, a GFCI
receptacle, and even a magnetic contractor.

An ATTACHMENT PLUG is a device that, by insertion into a receptacle,
establishes a connection between the conductors of the attached
flexible cord and the conductors connected permanently to the

A RECEPTACLE OUTLET is where one or more receptacles are installed.

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McGraw-Hills 25th Edition of the National Electric Code Handbook makes it pretty simple.

A “receptacle” is each place where a plug cap can be inserted.

The “receptacle outlet” is the outlet box.

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I don’t think McGraw-Hill is too far off from NEC Article 100.

receptacle - A receptacle is a contact device installed at the outlet for the connection of an attachment plug.

receptacle outlet - an outlet where one or more receptacles are installed.

outlet - a point on the wiring system at which current is taken to supply utilization commitment.

Still pretty clear and simple.

Over 40 years We Canadains called it a plug box . or 1107 ,1004 Never ( “receptacle outlet” )

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Seriously though, does Canada use the NEC or do you have your own electrical code?

WE have our own code and when the Bahamas where looking for a code to use they picked the Canadian one .
That was about 40 years ago .
Some things are different ,Like only one ground in the system Example take feed to an out building need to take ground also .
Example Ground Buss and Neutral Buss are separate through the system.
Stablok FP panels are used in Canada .
I guess they are different as we have no problems with them .
We only use 440 volts in the AUTO plants all other heavy industry is 600 volts .

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