What do you typically recommend when you come across this type of installation?

Receptacle above baseboard heating. This one is a little different in that it’s actually blocked as well.


Repair by a qualified electrician…nice picture Vince

As a minimum I’d recommend removal of the outlets, to be replaced with a blank double gang cover. This will eliminate even the thought of plugging in something.

And as James states, to be done by a licensed electrician.

Depends on whether the baseboard is electric or hot water.

Of course the half covered receptacles are a problem worth noting.:roll:

There should be no outlet above a heater

The baseboard heat in this area was electric.

Then removal is the only option.

This does not apply to baseboard hot water systems.

You could actually enhance the nature of the hazard if you step into recommending how the hazard is to be remediated. If this receptacle is installed to satisfy spacing rules, summary elimination of the receptacle is not the fix for the hazard. Removing the receptacle and installing two more, each at the outboard ends of the heater, is more likely the fix the electrician will have to do.

I’m not sure what you are saying Marc.

Has is ever been code to have electrical outlets above electric baseboard?

No, it’s never been in the code, per se - save for 110.3(B) which is a general rule that manufacturer’s rules be followed. All electric baseboard heaters have instructions that forbid a receptacle over them. Even if they didn’t, it’s at least a stupid place for a receptacle. You’re allowed to call out stupid things.

Was it the spacing rules that have you mixed up, maybe?

I am very familiar with the spacing rules.

The heater was likely installed after construction in an unacceptable manner.

I’d rather have no receptacle there and violate the spacing rule than have the fire hazard of a cord draped over the heater.

Either way it needs to be called out. Remove one or the other.

So you don’t agree with Mark on replacing instead of removing? That is what I would recommend. You even said the rec. was most likely there before the heater.

I’m puzzled why you’d recommend any particular repair at all. Wouldn’t the more prudent approach be to simply point out that it’s being there is a hazard, and recommend an electrician correct it? Whether the electrician simply blanks it off or whether he blanks it off and installs another 1 or 2 outside of the heater’s length should be up to someone besides the home inspector. Sorry, but I get a little cranked up when a home inspector attempts to tell the homeowner or buyer how I ought to effect the repair.

Hey Marc, remove the outlet or remove the heater. I don’t care.

And please get off your high horse.:wink:

Replacing and putting it where?


precisely why I try to never give an opinion on the proper repair…even as an experienced contractor …that is not why i am there …i am there as an inspector. If i find a defect i point it out and reccomend the proper trade professional for the job …in this case a qualified electrician…it is no difference to me how he chooses to repair it… it is no longer my problem…my job is done…telling another professional how to do His job only only complicates mine…jmho…jim

Where did I say the word repair? I was agreeing with you. REPLACE it at the proper location. You do not have to be a licensed electrician to make that recommendation.

Call me crazy, but when you use words like “replace” (place again) and words like “it” (singular) you’re overstepping your bounds. What actually needs done may not involve placing anything again, and may involve multiples of something. Call it a repair, call it a recommendation, call it remediation; I don’t care what you call it. Nothing beyond pointing out a hazard and directing the way to the type of person to correct it is about all I’d like you to do.