Outside condenser A/C no wires

I inspected a A/C system back a ways that had no 24 volt thermostat wires traveling to the outside unit. How can that be and it was operating.

There are several remote control units to make this work.

Are they like a garage door opener.

I bought a thermostat at walmart $15;00 completly wire less and it tell me the outside temp and the green house temp . I have a wirless unit that I can turn on more heat in the green house again Walmart $15;00. yes just like the car door opener.

But guys this A/C unit had a indoor thermostat conventional mounted on the wall regular heat and cool position with auto/ on fan switch just no wires to the outside unit???

How was the 220 run to the condensing unit? Sealtight? Could the LV t-stat wires been there? Not right, but nothing physically stopping them from being there.

I have seen the low voltage wires inside the electrical conduit.

No I checked the seal tight where the 220-volt entered the unit. No 24 volt wires there either.

I have seen I think they are called Scott packs mounted high on the wall like this I have seen gas fire places same thing . This is the new age .
Reported here, Colarado has gone wirless with phone and Computer in one part .


I find thermostat wire wrapped (hidden) in the insulation around the refrigerant line.

Guys this unit had no 24 volt wires anywhere inside conduit, inside insulation or anywhere???


Did you take the top/sides off the condenser and actually look inside?

If so, and no T wires, I don’t know what to tell you.

Was it like one I saw once?
The ice truck loads a big block of ice on a rack and a big fan blows across it towards the duct to the house. No thermostat needed, the size of the ice block is engineered to cool the house to the desired temperature.

Years ago they used to cut the Ice like that on Grenadier pond in the west end of Toronto .
That was for Bellewart Ice Company.

I used to be the guy on the lower end of the saw but could not stand the cold so looked for another job .

:mrgreen: :wink: Sorry guys I have been messing with your minds.
They call me the tricksters I get answers.

An A/C unit that has no 24 wires to the outside unit is called a pump down unit and I do occasional see some in use.
There is a liquid line solenoid valve located on the exterior side of the furnace A-coil that the Yellow wire or cooling wire activates this valve when the stat calls for cooling this valve is a normally closed valve that opens when the stat calls for cooling.
In turn the outside condensing unit has a 220-volt contactor instead of a 24 volt contactor. One leg of the 220 volts is routed thru a low pressure switch back to the contactor.
This low pressure switch is normally open. When the solenoid valve is activated for cooling and opens it allows pressure back to the low pressure switch that closes thus starts the compressor. No low voltage wires required at the unit.
The thermostat operates the solenoid valve and the low pressure switch operates the compressor.


Well Charley, your really not messing with my mind, but I was beginning to wonder if yours was right…:smiley:

My next question was going to be why in the hell were you looking for wires in the first place…:smiley:

I could just picture someone ripping a T-stat off the wall, ripping the condenser apart, etc. And then coming here and asking a question like that.

Believe me though, stranger questions have been asked, but their all good…:smiley:

I have one of these and it is remote controled
Shows the little remote in the picture . It turns up or down as needed you can program it from the hand held unit .

I expect this is the way of the future .
Many a true word said in jest .

I was picturing some poor home inspector sticking a remote control out a window and trying to get the A/C to run:p was laughing so hard I had to take a brake.

10-4 you got me laughing also.

Mr Inspector, that remote says Phillips on it.

Here try this one Mr Inspector, it says Bahama Breeze on it, must be the right one…hold it out the window further…:stuck_out_tongue: