A/C Exposed wiring

This is the second time I have seen this. Any one know why this was done?

The fan motor was replaced.
Those wires control the direction of motor rotation.
This is where they go.


So exposed wires with 110 voltage can be exposed?

No and AC units are typically straight 240 volts so there is no neutral and no 120 volts.


So what you are saying this has exposed 240 volts?

Yes, unless for some reason that is a 120 volt unit. AC units like the one in the photo are typically run on a 2-wire 240 volt circuit, since there is no neutral there is no 120 volt component to the branch circuit.

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All condensers/ package heat pumps have 240VAC motors and compressors.

An indoor furnace/air handler runs on 120 VAC,

That is correct. If that bothers you, don’t pull them out like someone did. They are at the end of the motor and are only a couple inches long. They are usually tucked under the motor mounting plate, but not much room there. Stick the connectors back under the grill like they were installed initually. Or recommend someone spend $70 on the HVAC Guy to put them back.

They are zip tied so they don’t hit the fan blade. Not much room there either. No room for a waterproof electrical junction box.

this has exposed 240 volts?

No, there is nothing “exposed” there. Those are special wire connectors.

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I wrote it up as a safety issue. I could just see some kid saying, let’s pull these wires off and see what happens!


Did you pull those wires up to test them?

I didn’t know the fan was 220 volts.
I see that all the time. I wouldn’t call that out.

To clarify:


I understand the unit ( Compressor) is 220, but is the fan 220?

Typically, all that is run out to the condenser unit is a 240 volt circuit…so yes.

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That’s hard to believe a 220 volt fan

240… 240… :wink:

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My mistake

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It’s actually 240 volts but why is that hard to believe? Have you ever seen an AC compressor unit supplied by a 240 volt MWBC?

I was referred to the fan voltage.
I knew it was 240 just didn’t type it right.
I’m on my phone.

No problem just asking to see if you realize that the AC unit is fed with only 240 volts. Since it’s only 240 the fan cannot be any other voltage unless the unit has a transformer for the fan.

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That’s what I always assumed, since the wires are so small.