Overflow drain for water heater

Has anyone ever come across an overflow drain system for a water heater like the ones in the photos? I don’t see anything wrong with it because most of the homes I’ve seen so far don’t go this far, but would like to hear some other views on this.



I Don’t like it.

Are they using the line as an indirect waste receptor for the TPRV? The discharge point should be outside the building and I presume it’s going in the crawl, which is a no no.

My question would be Is that a proper air gap?

Air gap?

Explain your question, please. Are you suggesting backflow from the hole to the drain pan?

That looks like 3/4 inch PVc piping which should not be used on a TPR valve because this pipe is not rated for that application.

This is correct (no PVC) , and yes there is not a proper air gap ! ;):D:D

Looks like CPVC to me.


The answer to your two questions is yes they are using it as an indirect waste receptor for the TPRV and yes the discharge point is in the crawl space.



Thanks everyone for the comments. I think I know what I’ll do with this now.



I don’t like it either!

You should be able to see the end of the TPR opening.
How would you know if it is leaking and also dumping drains into dirt under the crawlspace is not proper.

The line should exit the home .

Dumping water into the crawl would create an issue all on its own, but if the water heater is either leaking from one or both sources then you would have other issues to deal with.

As for a level of importance, what are the chances it will leak? I would mention it but it would not be of big importance. The worst that could happen is a wet crawlspace.