Overflow required?

Is it true that lavatories (bathroom sinks) are not required to have an overflow anymore? And its just an option by the manufacturer. The reason was the lack of use, which results in bacteria growth.

Not required

Amazing. I wonder if mold inspectors test the overflow area of a sink?

Ben think of all the glass sinks you see with no over flow.
There is a certain instance under which I report them however.
If this is two bathrooms and one has an over flow but the other does not.
I think a friendly warning and quick mention is appropriate.
The funny thing is that if you see the under side of these things you will often find something looking like a knockout where they should have put the damn thing in.
Hope this helped you.

Just FYI; I check the fuction if it does have an overflow, most are plugged. If it is plugged I definitely comment. IMHO if they see it ,they depend on it.