No overflow drains

Does anyone report no overflow drains in bathroom basins? If so, what do you say?



They omit them on many modern basins as they are sometimes considered unsanitary

Absolutely, but it’s more of a caution note. In this society of ours where everyone seems be be running around with a bluetooth emplanted in the ear and texting on an iPod, it’s easy for the Mrs to get interrupted by a phone call about Great Aunt Mary while she’s filling up the sink to give new Little Mary a bath and forget to turn the water off. There goes the brand new cherry wood floor, the carpet on the stairs, etc.

I’ve never heard of them being considered unsanitary. The only modern sink basins I don’t see them on are the decorative glass bowl basins.

They are not required and, IMO, offer a false sense of security to the user, as the majority of the ones on newer fixtures are incapable of keeping up with the flow.

I warn my clients to not rely on their presence to protect the floors from overflow spillage.

they are an option on many newer fixtures …I had to pay extra to get one recently…

Nope. Just don’t leave with the sink faucet on! :wink:

Ditto. . .

I just note that they were manufactured without one.

Does the kitchen sink have an overflow drain and do you report its absence?

Only in my Interstellar Inspections Joe.