Saw a 1/0 Al se conductor feeding into a main service panel with 150 amp breaker this morning. It was a 4 pt ins. inspection. How would you word it for the insurance people?
“Main breaker too large to prevent adequate overload protection for service entrance wiring. Recommend a licensed electrician evaluate and repair”?

Update: This has been resolved.

My only concern was the fact that it’s a 4 point. One can only guess how the clerk or whoever at the ins. carrier would decipher it. If not for it being a 4 pt, I would word it as I always do.
For those of you that conduct 4 point inspections, how would you handle it?

Thanks for opinions.

(On second thought, this should probably have been in the members only area, if you follow my drift. In any event, it’s been taken care of).