Overhead electric service

Wires 3 feet above roof on unattached garage. Any ideas how to make safe without rerouting wires? Trying to help owner out.

Its fine…

Lol, how do you know for sure with such limited info?

Because he said "Wires 3 feet above roof on unattached garage ".

Main overhead wires? Flat roof or less than 4/12 pitch?

Good catch more info needed .

Is this the service feed to the home if so it is the responsibility of the supplier so not your concern. Report and move on .
If it is feeding the home from the main disconnect it should have 4 wires .

I have an idea.

Call an Electrician. :wink:

More info needed if before the meter it is not an electricians job .

It is under the control of the supply company .

Well yes and no. While the wires are the property of the POCO, if you squeeze them, they may require the homeowner to install a new mast or require them to go underground… at the owners expense. And if you refuse, they will just red tag the installation and cut power. Don’t poke the bear unless you are ready to accept the consequences. To the OP, that is why you don’t “try to help the owner out”. Not our job, could greatly increase your liability, could void your insurance. Too many variables. Call it out for repair and you have done your job.

Three options:

  1. Live with it as is
  2. Move the wires
  3. Move the structure