Overhead Service. Home built in 1956. pic included

Southern Calif. Home in Pomona built in 1956.

Cable feeds runs low on roof. Is that a problem.


Code Check says the clearance should be 8 feet over roofs under 4 in 12 slope. Greater slope calls for 3 feet minimum.

Yes, it’s a problem. It doesn’t matter what year the house was built.


Is that a flat roof? Here in sunny florida shingles are not allowed on flats, and we require a pitch pan at the weather head. Is california different??

Same requirements here. I don’t believe you’re looking at a flat roof. I think it’s just the angle of the shot - I could be wrong. . .

Agree with above ,but curious about that vent.

My guess for a flat roof was the air duct - we usually dont see them on the exterior of the roof is it is a sloped roof; also the pipe that runs vertical behind the vent pipe made me curious. Just food for thought.

That one is a standard vent pipe.