Oxidation on copper wiring

Doing a home inspection, house was built in 1998 so pre chinese drywall era. Home was built on a land that uses to be owned by a tree farm. What causes this oxidation? Is this an issue? I’m thinking of calling for further evaluation by a licensed electrical contractor.

I attached some pictures. Please help:)

Chemical such as pool chlorine and the like will cause this.
Are there any chemicals around?

Seller stated that last owner stored weed killer in that area. They stated it took them months to get the smell out of the garage.

Thats it!

So due to the chemical reaction of I’m recommending further evaluation by a qualified electrical contractor.

This has to be caused from Sulfer, Hydrogen Sulfide, and atmospheric oxygen. Like the seller stated to me, The previous person made her own homemade weed killer in the garage, to what she thinks, :roll: and stored it right near the panel in the garage.

I going to state, Copper wiring located in the main panel was found to be corroded. This can be caused by a chemical reaction located near this panel. It is recommend to have a qualified electrical contractor evaluate and repair as needed.

I’m still working on the report. Let me know if I shouldn’t come off like this in my narrative.

Don’t overthink this.


•oxidation or corrosion to any of the parts. Oxidized or corroded wires will increase the resistance of conductors and create the potential for arcing.

Thats what I was thinking, so I called for further evaluation by a qualified electrical contractor. Sellers didn’t realize till I showed them, They said that they would take care of it, which would be good for the buyers. Thats what where here for, to catch safety issues.