Pabco ho-25 ?

Ten year old covering. Adequate ventilation throughout attic but all of the shingles were cracked. I don’t typically see this much cracking on asphalt shingles at ten years.

Home was built in 1997-1998.

Do these look like PABCO HO-25 shingles?


lemme throw out the bait one more time.:wink:


The shingles in your picture appear to have square tab overlay where the Pabco have agular overlay. But this may just be from your photo angle.

Do you have any straight on shots similar to the one from the site you posted?

These are the only other two I have.



Can’t tell much more then what I’ve said except there is cupping in your other shot and most laminates that I’m aware of have a 25 yr or more warranty. Not that this helps you or them in any way. Shingle warranties are worth the paper they’re written on only in the “Throne room”.

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Here’s another thread with some pictures:

I have seen this cracking up here (not as severe) on IKO shingles (XL style) at 9 years old…and we have no where the amount of heat you would have!!!

Couldn’t have said it better!!

The look like the 3-tab shingles with the asphalt applique layering on them, similar to the Certainteed Horizon Shangles.

There was another brand made the same way.

Are there actually any laminated pieces of additional shingle adhered onto the bottom shingle body or if you wiped your hand over the surface, does it feel like a raised hump with additional asphalt?


Looks like a CertainTeed Horizon Shangle…

Typical of the type of cracking noted for the deficiency…

WOW yes that is a pabco ho roof. I’m from the northwest and those shingles are still all over the state, despite the recall.