Asphalt shingles

Anyone knows what type of asphalt shingles is this? They looked like a complete crap to me. The house is only 9 years old.

Poor installation. Tried to expand the rows to save one. Document, recommend, move on. Most likely lack of ventilation also. You, as a CMI, should know.

Why do you say that? Just curious.

Gary, thank you for your reply. My question however was not about my qualifications but rather about shingles’ type. I didn’t see those cut-out tabs before. This type of shingles is different from regular three tab shingles and I was wondering if someone can provide information about this particular type of shingles.

I can’t find a photo of that particular shingle for branding, but it is obviously a one-tab shingle with no defects that I can see.

Thank you Brad. I didn’t post the photos of the defects since they are irrelative. I was only interested in knowing the type of these shingles.

Wow Gary you need to put on your glasses.
or get on the roof.

Seems they would look nice on a cabin IMO.
Gary no reason to insult someone with a question.

Whats CMI got to do with anything as it is just a marketing logo ?

Hey I remember those, surprised they are still selling them.

I have seem the same style installed in the early 90’s and referred to as Domtar.


Found it. I had a strong feeling that I’m up to something here but could not find info. Thanks to my roofing guys. This is IKO Skyline25 GL organic asphalt shingles that are subject to class action law suit in Canada.

While you are on the Siskind site, check out the following. Sorry about the Horizon, I was in the sky but confused with Skyline!

The link below is about Uponor and Kitec

I was trying to locate the information on the organic shingle you posted and as a master inspector I had not come across these in 10 years, 3000+ inspections.

Thanks for posting, glad you found the answer.

Master inspector …ewwwwwww.:slight_smile:

Hey it was offered by the association and it is another marketing tool.

I like it being the Master of my domain, at least around my computer and dog:roll:

Bryce, I think Horizon was manufactured by Certain Teed.