Paint in recessed cans

I need some help finding supporting documentation/information regarding overspray inside of new can light fixtures. My client is very concerned that the overspray inside of the can lights will burn off and cause respiratory issues; and I think it may have voided the fixture warranty. However, I cannot find any backup that supports either theory. The whole inside of the can was covered, so its not a drop here and there; amazingly bad quality of painter.

Have any of you heard that any of overspray being an issue?


If the paint is not designed safe for use on high temps, then there is a concern and replacement would be the safest choice. The can lights should have been mask off before painting, lazy or inexperienced painter.

“The canned light fixtures are contaminated with paint and should be replaced”

I’d refer them to the manufacturer.
Manufacturers can be surprisingly helpful if you call or email.
On a side note, this is a reason to hire “licensed and insured” contractors… At least you can make a claim against their policy.

Eaton who manufacturers Halo brand can lights have no issues with overspray inside the can as long as it does not contaminate the electrical connection. The thermal protection will shut the unit off before it got too hot.

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