Recessed lighting

These lights were totally covered by cellulouse insulation. Quite warm with ventilation slots in the can. Could not find a label anywhere. Are they are IC? How can you tell without a label?

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Should be boxed in with Drywall .
They are a good way to lose a lot of heat to the attic ,
They do allow a lot of moisture into the attic .
They could be a fire hazzard they way they are now .
Most people agree and do zip it is one of those tomorrow jobs that some times never gets done .
Make sure you write it up hard and Cover your A$$.
Roy Cooke

Not necessarily. Halo IC cans have slots. They may very well be IC cans and be perfectly legal and safe.
The ONLY way to tell is look inside the can as Roy stated.

To see the label you would have to remove the light bulb. Then there should be a label in side.

Halo IC cans normally have a dome looking top and are silver in color rather than painted white… That doesn’t mean that other brands will be the same.


I’d try to make sure the existing cans are all the same. If you can’t determine the make and model or clearance ratings w/o dismantling the unit, I would write it up for a qualified electrician to inspect and verify proper installation.

See if you can find out if they are original with the structure or was the area an add-on or renovated area. That may help determine the design caracteristics of the fixture(s).

I won’t dismantle the fixture to determine, and I want to make sure the fixture is safe for the client, and cover my a$$ at the same time.

Ask questions.