Paint peeling

I have a client whose home is 12 years old. The paint has peeled in small patches in various rooms on ceilings and walls. I tested these areas with my moisture meter and thermal camera. Moisture doesn’t seem to be the issue. The client did most of the painting herself, but had a professional do the cathedral ceiling. That cathedral ceiling is also peeling. The only place the paint hasn’t peeled is the bathroom, where a different type of paint was used. She said all the paint applied in the home, including the bathroom, was Valspar. This paint job was completed about six years ago, when the family moved in. Also, the peeling paint is in a variety of colors. The peeling started within the last year.

I think it might be the original paint used by the builder or a primer. Any ideas?

Oil based paint underneath the new water based paint?? That would be my guess.

That looks more like the texture ( finish ) peeling from the drywall. Many times if the if it is hot and dry weather, applied tex will set up without adhering good to the drywall in areas. Same thing with improper mix.

most likely improper prep

Exactly…it’s bad prep work or lack of.


Possibly a lack of PVA primer?