Painted fireplace flue

This is a glass faced gas log fireplace that vents thru the wall to the back patio. New construction and
the flue had been painted completely when the house was painted. After lighting the fireplace, the flue was over 177 degrees in less than 3 minutes. Doe anyone have a narrative for this.
I can only imagine what it will look like after the fireplace burns for an hour or so.

That looks like a direct vent unit, all install requirements for the wall terminal will be listed in the manufacturer specs.

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Perfect, thanks!

I tried to do some quick research and I did see one installation instruction stating if heat resistant (450 degrees) paint was used, it would be OK. Still would base it on manufactures’ installation guidelines. I searched “wall mounted gas fireplace vents” and it seems to be referred to as a " direct vent termination cap".

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Thank Thomas, I found the same heat resistant info also. This was definately the standard house paint. ( with a lot of overspray on the interior.)


All worth calling out David! :wink:

I always add these are commonly used for birds nests and should be checked before using the fireplace.

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I can’t recall ever seeing one that wasn’t painted the house color in my area. I’ve also never seen the paint appear to be melting, so I’ve never called it out. I’ll keep it in mind next time out.

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Same experience although I’ve seen peeling paint on them.