Painting the Gas Log Set vent termination

I don’t think it’s smart.
It says “Caution gets HOT” right on it, but I could not find it forbidden in the manufacturers installation instructions.


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I saw this same situation 3 days ago. It was done by the building contractor. Haven’t done the final for the new construction yet. Could use some input also.


It’s new construction with a CO issued yesterday… supposed to close Monday…

There are some high temp paints out there.
I am guessing this was not one of them.

That would be a baked on finish.:wink:

I at least have brought it to my clients attention and let them decide what action they would take. As Bob stated there are hi-temp paints.
I will say that the ones I find painted usually get replaced, unless the builder can provide info that the paint is OK for high temp and that the manufacturer allows it.

“No definitive answer on painting the vent termination for the gas log set (the manufacturers installation instructions did not say Not to). I am unable to determine if the paint is an acceptable High Temperature paint which would be suitable for this application. Monitor for any problems while in use as it does get hot”

Sorry, Had to get the report out last night, but this is what I ended up putting in it…:roll:

Smart, Mark.

Put the ball back in their court. Have them prove (in writing!!!) that it is right. You have no idea what they did and, frankly, it is not your jib to prove of disprove their work. Make them PROVE it.

That’s what I do. I put it in the report and recommend the lawyer (or Realtor, if you are in an area that doesn’t use lawyers for closings) do the nagging of the builder.

That’s why they get the big comissions.

Why didn’t the inspector fire up this unit during the inspection**?**

Paint bubbles, peels, scorches, catches the house on fire…FAILED UNDER NORMAL OPERATION

No more ifs, ands or buts…definative info and no further hypothesis or questions. jmo

Like I said, New Construction with a day old CO…

Log Sets are not normally hooked up (though they are provided) by the builder… They let an independent company do the connections and testing.

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Around here the FP/gas logs would have to be finished/fully operational by most munis before calling for final and issuance of CO.

better get

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