Flue Insulation

Fireplace flue. I inspected two fireplaces and they had some material insulating the flue. In the first picture there seems to be excess material. In the second picture less material.

Is either configuration correct

Not even a guess?:frowning:

uuuh? asbestos? any history on the house?

Heck brian, it almost looks like texture goop for drywall.? Over spray from the painters???

I have no clue.:neutral:

If it’s a gas fireplace it needs a flu stop to keep it from shutting all the way, but you know that. Whats the deal???

You have me wondering so, fess up!

Brand new house, the material was like insulation or cotton. In the first picture the material almost looked burnt. It seemed like it should be flashed for lack of a better term. I reported that they were not finished the same and the installation should be evaluated by the builder with an explanation.

maybe the first one was too small a flue for the opening and thats some kind of filler?? approved??? do you think it could be allowing air/exhaust to pass threw??

They both had the filler Jay. It is not too clear in the second picture. I will try to edit them tomorrow.

Hmmmm, let us know how it turns out.:neutral: