Painted joist in crawl space?

I was just wandering what some of you put in your reports if anything about floor joist in a crawl space that are painted. I know that it can be a part of the mold remediation process but I feel that 90% of the time it’s for mold cover up. Your thoughts please.

It’s usually a part of mold remediation; a fungicidal coating after removal of the mold. The coating prevents it from coming back. I inform them that evidence suggest prior mold remediation and recommend that they get a full disclosure from the seller and that the name of the company that did the treatment should be disclosed for the sake of warranties that may exist.

Thanks Joe

Also happens with treatment for wood destroying beetles.

Stephen thats a new one for me good to know thanks

You are right to think that it may be a mold cover up but usually it is a part of the remediation process. I usually see white coating on the wood members after a properly performed mold remediation. While performing home inspections I have seen the mold cover up but that has been with darker colored paints. In any event please state your findings in the report and tell your cleint to get full docuentation of the process that was used. You may want to tell your client to get in writing from the seller the exact location and severity of the mold issue and what was done to correct the underlying moisture issue. Make sure they get all of the clearence test data also. Thx.

New Jersey mold testing

NJ Mold testing

I have also seen it where there has been a fire in the home.
These are pictures of an attic. After I asked the Seller about it, he told everyone about the fire. He forgot to put it on the Seller disclosure.